I am an illustrator currently residing in Vancouver, BC. My preferred fields are in publishing, game development and animation. If you would like to hire me or discuss a commission, you can email me at eran.fowler@gmail.com

Reality, 2005 Noctua Steals the Moon, 2016 Witch of the White Wood, 2014 Eternal Battle, 2018 Cover Art for The Tale of Genji, 2013 A Boy and his Beast, 2014 Safe Passage, 2018 The Artisan, 2014 The First Day of School, 2013 The Rise of Industry, 2016 The Wrong Prey, 2017 A Real Boy: The Graphic Canon, Seven Stories Press 2013 Color of the Wolf: The Graphic Canon, Seven Stories Press 2013 Birds of a Feather, 2017 We Are Our Own Mythology, 2012

Skytopia2 Background Assets: Gamescafe Skytopia2 UI assets: Gamescafe Skytopia2 2D puppet assets: Gamescafe Skytopia2 Loading Screen: Gamescafe Animation Backgrounds: Fifteen Pound Pink Studio Background Painting Isle of Non: Environment Concepts Environment Concept Environment Concept Environment Concept Background Painting 2D Puppet Promotional Concept Background Painting Background Painting