I am an illustrator currently residing in BC, Canada. My preferred fields are in publishing, game development and animation. If you would like to hire me or discuss a commission, you can email me at eran.fowler@gmail.com

Reality, 2005 Noctua Steals the Moon, 2016 Disobedience, 2020 Eternal Battle, 2018 Cover Art for The Tale of Genji, 2013 A Boy and his Beast, 2014 Safe Passage, 2018 Fusing Shadow Into Light, 2019 The First Day of School, 2013 Business As usual, 2020 The Wrong Prey, 2017 The Lady Amalthea, 2020 The Magic Inside, 2022 Winter Captures the Night, 2023 We Are Our Own Mythology, 2012

Skytopia2 Background Assets: Gamescafe Skytopia2 UI assets: Gamescafe Skytopia2 2D puppet assets: Gamescafe Skytopia2 Loading Screen: Gamescafe Animation Backgrounds: Fifteen Pound Pink Studio Animation Backgrounds: 5 Second Day submissions, Titmouse Inc Animation Backgrounds: Lackadaisy, Iron Circus Comics Environment Concept Environment Concept Creature Design Concept: Do You Copy?, Space Octopus Studios Animation Backgrounds: Breadwinners, Titmouse Inc 2D Puppet Promotional Concept Background Painting Background Painting