Eran Fowler

Illustrator, Concept Artist, 2D Asset Painter

Highly skilled, fast and accurate digital painter. Adapts easily to diverse project types and production pipelines, and picks up new skills quickly. Extremely experienced with Adobe products, particularly Photoshop, with working proficiency in Blender.

I began freelancing professionally during highschool, and continued throughout college. Upon graduation, I stepped immediately into an internship at a local animation studio, where I spent a year as their primary concept artist, background painter and animation assistant. I found this experience invaluable, as it taught me how to integrate smoothly into a team, and how to participate efficiently as part of a production pipeline. After the term of my internship concluded, I moved west to settle into Vancouver, BC and spent three years as a background painter and flash builds artist for Titmouse Inc. I have been freelancing continually throughout my career, and have created background art for the Lackadaisy Animation project since 2021. I have done book covers, concept art, and editorial illustration, but most of my time continues to be spent contracting in animation and casual games.